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ICO raid house in Sheffield

ICO raid house in Sheffield


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have today, 8th June 2016, announced via the their YouTube channel that they have raided a house in Sheffield.


 The ICO said: 

 “The ICO has today raided a house in Sheffield as part of an investigation into illegal trading of personal data.

 An ongoing investigation has suggested that people living at the address could be selling data lists to marketing companies to be used in making nuisance calls.

 The ICO received complaints about emails advertising databases for sale and traced them to the Sheffield business. Sales emails were sent to individuals and businesses – including the ICO itself.

 It is not against the law to sell data lists, but companies must have obtained the data lawfully and have the right to sell it on. Companies handling personal data must also register with the ICO, unless covered by an exemption.

 The ICO will not be naming the business while the investigation is ongoing.”


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