Loneliness and isolation

Loneliness and isolation

As we come towards the second day of the Bruce & Butler team working from home I wanted to address how we keep an eye on loneliness and isolation when working remotely.


Working from home is often seen as a perk to many and allows us to be more agile and flexible particularly in response to situations like COVID-19 has presented.

However, each team member is different and their coping mechanisms for working in a new environment may present new challenges to them. For various reasons, not everyone might want to be working from home.


For example, I am one of those people. I thrive off social interaction and like to engage with people and hold meaningful conversations - I am sociable - I also know I will struggle with working alone over a sustained period of time.


Therefore, we have as a company looked to address this proactively by scheduling daily conversations. For example we hold a morning meeting via video each day whilst we are all working remotely.


This is so we can all have a natter and see some familiar faces just as you would in the office. We are also encouraging the use of these calls during the day too and Clients also seem to like it.


Best wishes and stay safe,


Matt Bruce

CEO - Bruce & Butler