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Bruce & Butler provides an efficient, comprehensive and cost-effective data protection audit service to thoroughly assess your current level of data protection compliance. We’ll identify areas of weakness in your current compliance with major data protection laws – including the GDPR – and provide detailed advice for remediation before you get compromised.

What is a Data Protection Audit?

Achieve GDPR Compliance With Our Specialist GDPR Audits

Navigating and complying with the GDPR can be a daunting prospect for businesses. Many organisations store house and process personal sensitive data across a variety of departments and a variety of systems, making it all-too-easy for undetected vulnerabilities to arise.

In addition, a data breach could prove terminal for an organisation, resulting in large regulatory fines and irreparable reputational damage. As a result, it’s essential to execute a detailed GDPR audit to identify any areas for improvement within your data protection processes – and resolve them before they result in a breach.

Bruce & Butler’s specialist GDPR audits are custom-tailored to all aspects of the GDPR, identifying any shortcomings in your GDPR compliance and providing actionable advice for remediation to ensure you’re protected.

How Much Does a Data Protection Audit Cost?

Small Business
0-25 employees
from £
exc. VAT
Typical Engagement Time Up To Three Days
Secure Client Portal
Dedicated Audit Team
Report With Full And Complete Recommendations
Medium Business
26-199 employees
from £
exc. VAT
Typical Engagement Time Up To Five Days
Secure Client Portal
Dedication Audit Team
Report With Full And Complete Recommendations
Large/ Enterprise
200+ employees
Typical Engagement Time Will Vary
Secure Client Portal
Dedicated Audit Team
Report With Full And Complete Recommendations

Why Have a Data Protection Audit?

Our Data Protection Audit Process

We’ve developed a robust data protection audit process to ensure compliance with key data protection laws. Our data protection & specialist GDPR audits assess a number of key aspects relating to your current data protection efforts, including:

Law Applicability

Identifying which data protection laws apply to your business (and to what extent). This will also establish if you are a controller or a processor of personal data (or both).

Policy Evaluation

Ascertaining if there are any current data protection policies in place (and if any changes to existing policies are required).

Process Evaluation

Analysing and assessing all aspects of data handling in your business, including the type of data handled as well as a review of current storage, safeguarding and erasure processes.

Organisational Knowledge

Ascertaining if there are any current data protection policies in place (and if any changes to existing policies are required).

The Value of a Data Protection Audit

Undertaking a data protection audit demonstrates to third parties relying on the report (such as regulators, suppliers and customers) that fulfilling data protection requirements is important to your organisation.

A Data Protection Audit identifies any gaps in the operational application of your data protection and privacy controls and where to apply remediation efforts paving the way for great continual improvement.

Prioritising Data Protection compliance demonstrates that your contractual obligations to business customers are being satisfied and that any commitments made to regulators are being met.

Data Protection Auditing demonstrates a good system of risk management and internal controls to address important societal issues relating to privacy. This can aid effective corporate governance and promote the long-term sustainable success of organisations.

We Have Experience In The Following Sectors:

Education Schools and Colleges
Finance and Insurance
Legal and Professional
Medical and Healthcare
Software and Technology
Retail and eCommerce
Charities and Not-for-profit
Professional Sports
Transport and Logistics
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Why Choose Bruce & Butler

Bruce & Butler are committed to ensuring organisations of all shapes and sizes remain fully compliant with major data protection laws to safeguard their reputation, key relationships and bottom line. 

By combining state-of-the-art tools with decades of in-house data protection experience, we’re proud to serve as the experts in our field. Having worked with a wide variety of organisations over the last few years, we’ve encountered – and identified remediation efforts for – virtually every type of data protection issue an organisation can come up against. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our Data Protection & specialist GDPR auditing service can safeguard your organisation.