EU & UK Representation Service

Our appointed GDPR representative service provides you with access to an established and experienced GDPR representative across the UK and all EU member states to meet the requirements of GDPR, Article 27.

Expert EU & UK GDPR Representatives

Bruce & Butler provides local GDPR representative and translation services both in the UK and any of the 27 member states across continental Europe.

GDPR representative services within the EU will be provided through our Dublin office. This includes a physical address in any member state to use on your privacy policy and a local telephone number answered in the native language.

You can always remain compliant with Article 27 of the GDPR even if you only process the personal data of data subjects that reside in the UK or a specific EU member state.

What Does A GDPR Representative Do?

A GDPR Representative is required to:

Your representative may be an individual, or a company or organisation established in the EEA, and must be able to represent you regarding your obligations under the EU GDPR.

You should give details of your representative to EEA-based individuals whose personal data you are processing. This may be done by including them in your privacy notice or in the upfront information you give them when you collect their data. You must also make it easily accessible to supervisory authorities – for example by publishing it on your website.

The Need For A GDPR Representative

As of 31st December 2020, Data Controllers or Data Processors located outside the UK that process the personal data of individuals within the UK will need to appoint a “UK Representative”.

EU law will continue to require organisations based outside the EEA (including the UK) that process data on individuals within the EU, to have an “EU Representative”.

If an organisation processes personal data of data subjects residing in a limited number of EU states, then its Representative should have a presence in one of those states.

The appointed representative cannot be your Data Protection Officer.

We Have Experience In The Following Sectors:

Education Schools and Colleges
Finance and Insurance
Legal and Professional
Medical and Healthcare
Software and Technology
Retail and eCommerce
Charities and Not-for-profit
Professional Sports
Transport and Logistics
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Why Choose Bruce & Butler?

Bruce & Butler are dedicated to providing expert GDPR representative services on to organisations of all shapes and sizes. Our dedicated GDPR representatives combine state-of-the-art technology with decades of experience across a broad range of sectors. Put simply, we’re the experts in our field.

Our GDPR representative service on is custom-tailored to the scope & requirements of your business, ensuring you obtain the level of support you need to ensure full GDPR compliance.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our GDPR representative services can help you.