What Is Internal Penetration Testing?

  • Internal penetration testing aims to mimic an attack from within the network. This could be an external threat that’s already penetrated the perimeter of your network, or a disgruntled employee with pre-existing knowledge on your internal systems. An internal security breach could prove disastrous for your organisation, diminishing your reputation and severely hampering your bottom line.
  • With a comprehensive review of your internal network and procedures, we’ll ensure you have all the right countermeasures in place to prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to privileged information.
  • With our state-of-the-art internal penetration tests, you’ll gain a unique insight into your internal networks and the threats they’re exposed to. We’ll help you pinpoint vulnerabilities, shore up security and prevent attacks from within the company itself.

How Are Internal Penetration Tests Delivered?

We execute our internal network tests remotely through a secure virtual machine. This is deployed on your network or by a standalone, secure network appliance that we ship to you. We utilise the same robust penetration methodology with no limitations on quality or coverage.

This allows your network infrastructure to be tested quickly, without logistical and geographical complications, lowering the overall cost of the engagement.​

By delivering internal network testing in this unique way, it reduces the time taken to highlight where vulnerabilities exist within your systems. This gives you the option for easier, more-regular testing as part of our ongoing security testing (OGST) service should you require it.​

Our experienced penetration testers provide consultancy and advice before, during and after each assessment.​

Why Should I Have a Penetration Test?

  • Internal penetration testing is by far the most efficient way of identifying cyber security threats to your internal network.
  • By simulating an advanced cyber attack on your internal systems, our certified team of experts will be able to highlight vulnerabilities in your network and provide detailed feedback on what you need to do in order to prevent a real attack.