Internal Penetration Testing

This testing serves as the most reliable method of assessing the consequences of an attack from within your internal network. Our pen testers will identify the vulnerabilities in your internal network and advise on how to fix them before you get compromised.

What Is Internal Penetration Testing?

How Are Internal Penetration Tests Delivered?

We execute our internal network tests remotely through a secure virtual machine. This is deployed on your network or by a standalone, secure network appliance that we ship to you. We utilise the same robust penetration methodology with no limitations on quality or coverage.

This allows your network infrastructure to be tested quickly, without logistical and geographical complications, lowering the overall cost of the engagement.​

By delivering internal network testing in this unique way, it reduces the time taken to highlight where vulnerabilities exist within your systems. This gives you the option for easier, more-regular testing as part of our ongoing security testing (OGST) service should you require it.​

Our experienced penetration testers provide consultancy and advice before, during and after each assessment.​



Why Should I Have a Penetration Test?

We Have Experience In The Following Sectors:

Education Schools and Colleges
Finance and Insurance
Legal and Professional
Medical and Healthcare
Software and Technology
Retail and eCommerce
Charities and Not-for-profit
Professional Sports
Transport and Logistics
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Why Choose Bruce & Butler?

At Bruce & Butler, we’re committed to ensuring your internal network is safeguarded against cyber threats through our cutting edge internal network testing. Put simply, we’re the experts in our field. 

Our dedicated team of internal penetration testers are not only CREST and OSCP-qualified, but hold many years of industry experience across a wide range of sectors. 

With our no-nonsense and bespoke approach, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to secure your network infrastructure against even the most sophisticated cyber threats. We’ll tailor our testing services to the needs of your business and remain on-hand throughout every step of the process.
Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our internal penetration testing services can safeguard your business.