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Web Application Testing (also known simply as Application Testing) is a type of security testing for software and applications, such as your website. It can be carried out either manually (using a dedicated web application testing team) or through the use of automated web application testing software.

Web applications present a tempting target to hackers, being brim-full of data and available to access 24/7. As a result, rigorous security measures must be implemented in order to safeguard your data and protect your reputation. 

Our application testing process relies on the manual exploitation of vulnerabilities using our in-house team of dedicated web application testers, providing you with an expert overview of the vulnerabilities in your applications with detailed advice for remediation. We combine this with the use of industry-leading web application testing tools, including vulnerability scanning software and command-line applications.

Our in-house team will use the same strategies a hacker would to ascertain whether or not your web applications are secure, identifying any flaws in your security practices and providing advice for remediation before they harm your business.

By safeguarding your web application data and protecting your organisation from security threats, we can save you thousands of pounds in potential damages and ensure your brand’s reputation remains intact.

Our Web Application Testing Services

With our cutting-edge procedures and techniques, we’ll assess the functionality of your website, pinpoint any failings in your systems and help you eliminate any potential threats to your business. 

We offer a varied suite of web application testing services, including:

Interactive Application Security Testing

IAST assesses web applications for vulnerabilities while the application is being run by a dynamic test, reporting vulnerabilities and other suggestions in real-time. 

Static Application Security Testing

SAST is a form of white box testing that analyses the source code of web applications to uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited by those with access to your internal network (such as a disgruntled employee). 

Dynamic Application Security Testing

DAST is a form of black box testing that communicates with the web application on the front end, assessing vulnerabilities by performing attacks in the same vein as an external hacker. 

Runtime Application Self-Protection

RASP is a form of technology that detects and protects attacks on a web application in real-time, without human intervention. 


Gain realistic insight into your vulnerabilities

Manual web application testing serves as the most effective way to identify threats within your software and applications. By simulating a highly-sophisticated security attack on your web applications, our expert team is able to provide real-world insight into exactly how a hacker may exploit the vulnerabilities in your systems. This ensures you have a full understanding of the most practical and important security measures to implement following the test. 

Protect your customers

There’s no doubt that service-based applications are of huge value to both businesses and customers alike, allowing for increased profitability and a seamless user experience. However, with the ever-increasing prevalence of malicious web application attacks, it’s crucial to safeguard your customer’s sensitive data. 

Upon successful completion of a web application test, you’ll also be able to obtain relevant certifications such as cyber essentials or ISO27001. This demonstrates your ongoing commitment to best security practices, building trust and instilling confidence among your customer base. 

Safeguard your organisation

A web application security breach can prove disastrous for your organisation, with the possibility of lost revenue, substantial regulatory fees and irreparable damage to your reputation. 
By taking a proactive approach to web application security, you’ll robustly safeguard your bottom line as well as your brand reputation, allowing you to prosper in the digital age.


At Bruce & Butler, we combine many years of web application testing experience with cutting-edge tools and software to provide businesses with a thorough understanding of their security. Put simply, we’re the experts in our field. 

Our dedicated team of web application testers hold industry-recognised certifications such as CREST and OSCP, adhering to a strict web application testing methodology based upon CREST best practices. 

With our direct and bespoke approach, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to ensure your web applications are secure. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can safeguard your organisation.

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