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Internal infrastructure tests aim to mimic an attack from within the network. This could be a threat that has infiltrated your network or could be a disgruntled employee already with access to the internal network.

We deliver an internal infrastructure test remotely through a secure virtual machine deployed on your net work or by a standalone network appliance that we ship to you.

We utilise the same robust penetration methodology with no limitations in quality or coverage.

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External Infrastructure Penetration Testing will mimic exactly what a hacker can see/do on your network from anywhere in the world.

The only difference being that our testing is done in a controlled environment away from your network.

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Web Application Penetration Testing looks at applications such as your website, including the gated content to identify any threats that could impact your business. Available to hackers 24×7 and brim-full of data, web applications present a tempting target.

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Bruce & Butler’s Ongoing Testing service combines continuous vulnerability scanning with regular penetration testing activity to enable your internet-facing attack surface to be continually tested for vulnerabilities.

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Bruce & Butler is
Not just data protection


In a highly regulated and increasingly complex world, with ever advancing technologies ingesting and processing personal data, we can ensure that compliance with data protection and privacy laws, such as GDPR, are continually met and maintained.

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Leveraging world leading intelligent technology, expert knowledge and best practice remediation measures we can support you in appropriately managing information and cyber risk and achieving certification to standards such as ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.

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Ensuring that vulnerabilities which could leave your organisation open to attack are both identified and minimised is an essential part of any organisation’s cyber security strategy regardless of their size. We can perform regular assessments of your organisation’s infrastructure to identify any vulnerabilities and give you the ability to remediate these before an attacker can exploit them.

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